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Features overview

This section contains the help documentation for the FunMouse software you bought. The features overview below will give a short description of what each features does. Following the link to a particular feature will take you to a much broader documentation that explain the feature in detail.


The most important thing to take into consideration about FunMouse is that all features can be turned on or off, so if you do not like a particular feature, simply disable it. Use the links below or from the floating menu to jump to specific section of the FunMouse documentation.



The Settings Tab


 This is where you can find most of the settings in FunMouse



The Shortcuts Tab


This section deals with creating / editing hot-spot shortcuts and related settings.



The Gestures Tab


This section deals with creating / editing actions or shortcuts associated with mouse gestures and related settings



The Paste2 Tab


This section deals with creating / editing Paste2 shortcuts and related settings





Explains the workings of the quick-text and quick-paste clipboard extender





Explains how to use the 4 quick-launch toolbars, edit and create quick-launch shortcuts and related settings



Global Spell Check


Instructions on how to install and access the global spell check utility, switch between languages and installing additional languages



Information Hub


Discusses the FunMouse Information Hub and all settings associated with it.



Scheduled Events


Documentation on how to set up re-curring events such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as general reminders.





Use egg-timers to quickly schedule short time events such as reminders, launching of programs, shutting down the monitor or PC



Miscellaneous Settings


As FunMouse is constantly updated with new features, this is where you will first encounter them. This section also deals with documentation that does not fall into a specific category.

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